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I Create Music For Film & TV.
The library below is a collection of original songs made specifically for purposes of licensing for film and TV projects.  All material is written, produced, and owned by Keith Kenniff.
How It Works
Songs can be previewed via the player below. Once you’ve found the music that you’d like to license, please email me about your project. Pricing is discussed on a per-project basis.
Who I’ve Worked With
Apple, Google, Facebook, Warner Brothers, Starbucks, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Amazon,  Samsung, New York Times, Toyota, GE, eBay, Prudential, Chevy, Honda, VW, Coke, Gucci, Instagram, Etsy, Levis, American Express, Doctors Without Borders, NPR, BBC, ABC, NBC …
How To Access
To gain download access to materials, please be in contact with Keith Kenniff.  Any usage must be governed by a legal license/consent between the licensee and Unseen Music.

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``Do you write original music as well as licensing existing songs?``

Yes, I have composed many original scores for clients in various forms of media. Please feel free to get in touch to see about availability.

``Do you represent synchronization rights for both the Master and Publishing for all songs on the library?``

Yes, all of the music in the library (including the songs under Helios, Goldmund and Mint Julep monikers) are owned by me.There are, however, several titles that I have released which are notin the library that I do not own full master rights to:

○ Goldmund - Two Point Discrimination
○ Goldmund - Famous Places
○ Keith Kenniff - Branches
○ Mint Julep - Save Your Season

Please be in touch if there are songs you wish to license from the above titles and I can put you in touch with the appropriate parties.

``How much does it cost to license a song from you?``

We don't provide a rate card as such, and prefer you to get in touch directly so costs can be determined on a per-project basis. There are many variables to consider, so when requesting a quote, it is helpful to include as much information about your project as possible, such as:

○ song you want to use
○ media type
○ project description
○ rights you are requesting
○ music budget

``Do you record everything yourself?``

Yes, everything is performed, recorded, mixed and mastered in my own studio, and so turnaround for original scores is provided quickly and efficiently.